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Marriage License Requirements/Information


  • The fee for a license in Franklin County is $58.00.This must be paid in cash (no checks, no credit or debit cards).


  • We do not process Marriage Applications after 4:30.


  • Both the Applicants must come to the office and present picture identification with birth date and signature (such as a driverís license or state ID card).* At Age 17 we require signature from a parent granting permission for the marriage. Parent must also present picture ID.* Under age 17 you have to get permission (waiver) from a Judge before obtaining a license. You need to contact the Benton-Franklin Counties Juvenile Justice Center to apply for a waiver. They are located in Kennewick at 5606 W Canal Place. Their phone number is (509) 783-2151.

(*) If both Applicants are unable to come to the office, a marriage affidavit form can be utilized to facilitate obtaining the marriage license. This form can also be utilized by the parent of a 17 year old who is applying for a marriage license when they canít come to the office. The form must be completed, notarized by a notary public, and the original signed document provided when applying for the marriage license (faxes or copies not acceptable). Click here to download the affidavit form


  • The application you complete for the marriage license requires basic demographic information.You will need your fatherís name and birthplace and your motherís maiden name and birthplace.When completing the application you need to provide legal names, not nick names.


  • Once you get your license you will have a three (3) day waiting period before your license is valid and then you will need to use it within sixty (60) days.


  • The marriage ceremony must take place within Washington State to be valid.


  • You are not married until you go before a minister, priest or judge and have a marriage ceremony.You must make your own arrangements for this.


  • State law prescribes who can perform a marriage ceremony: active and retired Supreme Court justices, Court of Appeals judges, Superior Court judges, Supreme Court commissioners, Court of Appeals commissioners, Superior Court commissioners, and judges of courts of limited jurisdiction, as well as any regularly licensed or ordained minister or priest, imam, rabbi, or similar official of any religious organization. See RCW 26.04.050 ( for a complete list.


A qualifying officiant from any state may perform marriage ceremonies, but the ceremony must be performed in the State of Washington. Neither applicant may perform the ceremony.


  • If you need a certified copy of the official marriage certificate you must request it from our office.We do not automatically mail out a copy.The cost is $3.00.You or your representative can stop by our office and pick up a copy or you can send us a written request.Please enclose both Applicant's legal name at the time the application was done and the date of marriage.Please make sure we have a contact phone number and return address.


If you have any questions regarding marriage licenses, please call us at (509) 545-3536 or email at


Complete your marriage application by clicking here.